BIRDZ Astro - Aquarius

Hello, Aquarius season! If your child is born between January 20 and February 18, they're probably quite friendly yet analytical. Known as the water bearer of the zodiac, these intricate souls have a knack when it comes to figuring out other people. 
If your Aquarius child is a girl, chances are that you find her buried in her books one too many times. She's very fond of escaping the world she lives in by traveling to undiscovered lands in her effervescent brain. Psst! Let her take pleasure in the little routines she practices - it soothes her. 
While your Aquarius boy might not be the sportiest of them all, it doesn't mean that he isn't stimulated by other talents. Interestingly, these children are usually interested in knowing the ins and outs of everything that surrounds them. Don't be surprised if they wander off without informing you of their whereabouts. Just set a curfew and they'll back just in time for dinner!

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