About us


We’re two sisters. Born Stéphanie, a blonde wild child and Caro a brunette child prodigy. All grown-up, in 2017, with 2 big corporate jobs, 2 husbands and back then 3 kids amongst us (today it’s 6 but who’s counting?), 2 households and a ton of ambition -trying to make it all happen - the promotion, the perfect home, the quality time with kids and oh gosh am I going to be late for pick up again? We suddenly realized we were trying to live someone else’s narrative of what we and our children could and should be, so we quit all that and started BIRDZ!

In short we got tired of ‘this is for girls and this is for boys’. When it came to options for how to dress our kids this all too often translated in lots nauseating pink and boring greige & black. We were like what? Why? So we created BIRDZ to dress happy and offer collections that are in full living color momz, girlz and boyz!

 BIRDZ is always Bright, Colorful & Vibrant!

Because we believe on the bright potential of our children & our future. We champion the freedom and joy of colorful expression & experiences. We encourage ourselves and our children to be vibrant in life and in love!


Plus, we know how sometimes to help raise our little BIRDZ and keep things going, well, it might take a village. Think of us as your sisters next door. We’re here to listen and meet your needs. Go ahead comment, slide into our DM’s tell us the design detail you’ve been looking and join our community so we can talk raising happy BIRDZ. Together we can make and dress happy!




Join our community of awesome momz and more HAPPINSPIRATION @birdz.children


Stéphanie & Caro