It’s Crab season and we’re so happy to celebrate our precious little Cancers! With a fierce imagination, these water signs will amaze you with their whimsical ideas. Wise beyond their years, they tend to prefer one-on-one activities rather than large playdates.

If your Cancer child is a girl, she is likely to be the peacemaker in the household. Fond of harmonious environments, she despises tension and knows how to lead with compassion. With this mighty sensitive creature, you should expect your fair share of mood swings. But, is it really a family if there aren’t a few brawls here and there?

When your boy's a Cancer, you know you’ve got a solid mama’s boy on your hands. Usually not the most talkative of kids, you’ll probably have to resort to some very creative ways to get him to open up about his feelings. Hang in there, you’re establishing a relationship that will last for years to come.

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