Calling for the outsiders!


Winter is here and we could not be happier! 

We’re always looking for ideas to spend time outside, with our family and friends!  Something that would last a little longer than just “playing in the backyard”. We are pretty sure you do too.

Here are our top activities to do with our families: 

  • Go Skiing 🙌🏻

This is a serious one for us. We had the chance to ski since our really young age. There is something so magical about spending time at the mountain with the kids. And somehow, kidz learn super quickly! It is the perfect activity to have a wonderful Saturday outside and kidz will sleep almost as soon as you get home! 

This season context is a little bit different due to the pandemic, make sure to book your tickets a week in advance. 

Find the closest ski resort to you here. 

  • Go Ice Skating 

Most town has a public ice skating ring / arena / outdoor rink! Once there, your kidz might play hockey with the other kidz, or skate by your side. A nice hot chocolate is always well deserved after this beautiful activity. The one we prefer is in the laurentians in Val david!

  • Go snow slide

This will put a smile on everyone’s face; that’s for sure! 

You can go big and visit a place like Village Vacance Valcartier, or you can find a slope near your place and go downhill on a crazy carpet. 

  • Go snowshoeing ☀️

Explore nature in snowshoes! You might see wild animals, such as a rabbit or even a deer! 

  • Do a fire camp 🔥

Who said fire camps were only for summer days? You can still eat S'mores and marshmallows in winter time! Plus, it will keep your family warm! And here is a little hint.....add some magical powder flames to your fire to make the flames pink, blue and green!!

Here is the link to the one we use from amazon, here.

  • Build a colorful snowman! 🍭 

It is soooo much fun to build a snowman! Do not forget the carrot nose and the scarf: they are part of the fun! We dare you to try to put on some ski goggles to your snowman 🤪. You can also paint it with some snow color pencil! Here is the link to the one we use from amazon, here .

  • Build two snow forts and have a snowball fight

See whose team will build the strongest fort, that will resist the attacks of the opposite team! 

  • Eat maple taffy on snow

Maple taffy is not only good in April, during sugar shack season! It’s good all year long. You only have to have a tray full of clean snow, throw on those few ladles of warmed maple syrup (See Ricardo’s recipe and recommendations)! 

Do you have other fun activities to do during wintertime? Tell us in the comments! 


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